“I long, as every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

Maya Angelou

Stories from far away homes

This site is for writers, storytellers and people who have a story to tell. I think there is a need for a place to share stories and to feel connected through the experiences we share living in countries far from our birth places.

Stories about homes made all over the globe are very welcome. As my current home is Argentina, there will be an extra focus on stories and books from here.

It’s also a platform to showcase stories that have become books, and to support stories that want to be books! Promotion is free!



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Buenos Aires First Impression by Paul van der Werff

Having just told the customs official that I was staying at my girlfriends house and not at a hotel,…

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It is the mountain that I climbed. Somedays it was a struggle, but most were splendid adventures. It is…

How I found my tribe.

I spent way too many years of my life looking for a tribe to call my own. I deeply…

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