A picaflor’s nest.

Above is a photo of the original oil painting by the wonderful and very talented Fern Petrie.

I wanted the nest to represent the journey as an image and to express the idea that we can make a home wherever we find ourselves. I wove in many things from my journey, and even though it’s an imperfect, slightly messy nest, it’s mine! I now know it’s possible to make a new one if I need to – I just have to honour my past, be patient in the present and fill my nest with the people I love.

These are all the important treasures: 

The silver fern from my homeland New Zealand.

Eucalyptus leaves from Australia, my other home.

The Ceibo flower, which is the national flower of Argentina, my current home.

Bouganvillea flowers, which became a special symbol from the journey.

Hummingbird feathers, to represent flight and me – the less restless ‘picaflor’.

Twine, which depicts the memory rope of our lives and the connections we make along the way.

A pounamu pendent, a gift from my mother, which represents connections to our ancestors and to people no longer with us.

My silver and green stone ring, which signifies my connection and commitment to my husband.

A heart shaped rock, which was an important sign I found in the mountains of Peru.

Twigs in the front, in the shape of the Nazca lines hummingbird/picaflor geoglyph, which has been woven in to represent leaving a mark to remember and in gratitude to the magic of Peru which helped me on my journey.

A dandelion seed, which signifies landing and having an open heart towards people who feel lost in this world.


I hope it inspires you to think about what’s woven into your nest, and in the people you have invited to share it.

Check out Fern’s amazing work on http://www.fernpetrie.com/

Fern and the real painting.

fern and book-smallest


Below is a collage of photos and things from the journey.







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